Monday, June 7, 2010


Yeay, officially, my holiday started last Friday after handed in my last assignment~ hooray..hihi.. so, what's my plan??

hmmmm,my housemate suggested us to work as fruit pickers..sounds interesting, but then,after giving it a 2nd thought, it's not really worth it..about $100 per day, but then, have to minus some for accommodation,transportation add on, i'm gonna travel to sydney and melbourne in few weeks time, so let us give to those who really need it for now.indeed, there are many other programmes lining up for me..

so, not working..what am I gonna do this whole holiday?? from 28/5 till 18/'s a long holiday i guess

Last Saturday, my housemates and I had planned to go to Movie World, Gold Coast. but then, it happened that I was not feeling, they went without's ok, indeed i've been there with my sister last autumn holiday..most important thing is to make myself better first..

then,last Sunday, as usual, KAFA class.. but this time, things were getting easier..i'm not sure why..everything seemed to be well-organized and the children were well-behaved most of the time..may be because quite a number of students were absent, so, easier to handle, or maybe because it's winter and it's cold, means no mood to be naughty..haha..or may be, we, the teachers were already 'imuned' to their mischievous,so there's nothing surprising..haha..i have no idea..but whatever it is, thanks to Allah for everything..

And here come Monday...having fun hanging out with my housemates at the city..went to Satay Club to eat Malaysian Food..what a blast..I ate Nasi Ramen~ coconut rice with beef rendang and sambal friends ate laksa itik, char kuew tiaw, chicken soup...hoho..marvellous..i've actually planned to snap a few photos of the dishes, but sorry guys, once the meal arrived, nothing else could bother us, it's like they were yelling at us, to put them right into our stomach...alhamdulillah..

then, on the way back, we dropped by at the,i'm lost in it..every book were calling at me..hoho..but then, it's getting dark, and we definitely didn't want to miss our Maghrib prayer because of books..therefore, we just made a quick survey, marked several interesting books and listed them down in our mind...why??..we need a plenty of leisure time to be able to choose which book to buy ok..and guess what?? we planned to come again to this 'wonderland' tomorrow...

so,that's what i'm gonna do today..'revisit' the wonderland..and to make it a leisure, without having to worry about our prayer time, we gonna go at the earliest time a shop would open..hehe...

then, after Asar, my 'usrah'mates and I will go to our naqibah's house to accompany she's alone without her housemates.. hihi..we'll sleep there about 2 nights..must be wonderful, she has a 'present' for us..guess what?? there's no more valuable present one could give other than knowledge..hihi..she said something about 'sirah'..all the Islam wars.. badar, uhud etc. she said she'll tell us how we can remember all these stories us see then...we also gonna start planning our trip to sydney and Melbourne there..of course,it's a trip and we wanna have fun there..but, it would be more meaningful if we could plan activities that differentiates usual trip with meaningful Islamic trips..what's the differences?? we'll find out later on from our discussion then..hihi..and the most interesting part would be, this visit will definitely strengthen our sisterhood..we gonna cook together..sleep together..and insyaallah, qiam and conduct usrah together..from the feedback of conducting previous usrah after qiam and subuh prayer, it's,why don't we do it again right??

then, on 12/6, my ustazahs (mama rafeah,ustzh faezah and pn. marina) will be coming here..hehe..i've given mama rafaeh my contact number if there's anything I can help..and she said she'll call me once they arrive..they wanna visit us..and what are we gonna do?? friends suggest a BBQ..hmmmmm,interesting..but then, i'm gonna have to ask them when they will be free as they'll be under travel agency and we know how pack their schedule would be..but then, whatever it is, we'll try to figure it out then..

and alhamdulillah, on 21/6, another ustaz from Malaysia, ustaz Halim will be coming,what a waste if we do not take the advantages right?? therefore, we gonna plan a kuliyyah for all of us here..insyaallah..

ok, before i stop writing on this post, i wanna share few tips when planning our holiday..

1) first and foremost, make sure that we have the right intention (niat).. it can differentiate either an action is an 'ibadah' or just a usual activity based on niat

2) whatever, whenever, wherever it is,make sure u never leave your solat

3) as possible as u can, try to do something that is meaningful, means that it benefits u, or even better, it benefits others..

ok, i think that's all for now..have something else to,to those who have 'activated' the holiday mode, happy holiday..and use your time wisely (^__^)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brotherhood is lacking, Unity is gone

Today, i would like to share with others about "brotherhood" from the tafsir class by Syaikh Haslam I attended last Friday.

Rasulullah s.a.w once prayed to Allah 3 things; 2 of them were accepted but 1 was not:

1) not to destroy the whole ummah by being drowned --> accepted
2) not to destroy the whole ummah by the enemy --> accepted
3) not to let the ummah to turn against one another --> NOT accepted

Here, we'll look at 5 verses of Quran which say about brotherhood:

1)type of punishment

Say: “He has power to send torment on you from above or from under your feet, or to cover you with confusion in party strife, and make you to taste the violence of one another.” See how variously We explain the Ayat, so that they may understand. (Al-An’am: 65)

from this verse, we can see that there are 3 types of punishment by Allah, and disunity is one of them:

1- torment from above (rainfall etc.)
2- torment from under our feet (earthquake etc.)

2) greatness of brotherhood

In surah al-Anfal ayat 60-62, Allah describes about battle. It says that we should prepare for battle when needed, if the enemy want to make peace, then do it, if the enemy intends to deceive, then Allah is always enough for us, He's the one who helps us with his help.

then, in the same Surah al-Anfal, Allah continues in Ayat 63:

"And he has united their (believers’) hearts. If you had spent all that is in the earth, you could not have united their hearts, but Allah has united them, Certainly He is All-Mighty, All-Wise".(Surah Al-Anfal:63)

Allah has joined the heart between us. even if we are able to combine everything in the world, we still cannot join 2 hearts except Allah. that's how Allah says about the greatness of brotherhood. it's a 'present' from Allah.

3) What we do that weaken brotherhood?

"Mankind was one community and Allah sent Prophets with glad tidings and warnings, and with them He sent down the Scripture in truth to judge between people in matters wherein they differed. And only those to whom (the Scripture) was given differed concerning it after clear proofs had come unto them through hatred, one to another. And Allah by His Leave guided those whom He wills to the straight Path". (Al-Baqarah: 213)

From this verse,we can see that jealousy against one another is the main cause. justice been denied, and most of them because of materialistic. eg: want to be leader of an organization, Imam of the mosque.

4) Not only being jealous, but stop others from doing good deeds too

(An-Nisa”: 54-55)
"Or do they envy men (Muhammad and his followers) for what Allah has given them of His bounty? Then, We had already given the family of Ibrahim the book and Al-Hikmah (As-sunnah- Divine Revelation to those Prophets not written in the form of a book), and conferred upon them a great kingdom". (54)
"Of them were (some) who believed in him (Muhammad), and of them were (some) who averted their faces from him (Muhammad), and enough is Hell for burning (them)".(55)

This verse describes about ahli-Kitab,some of them were jealous of Muhammad s.a.w. Not only being jealous, they also block and stuck others from benefiting from the good.

5) Golden principles of unity

(Ali-Imran: 102-105)
O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared. And die not except in a state of Islam. (102)
And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah (Quran), and be not divided among yourselves, and remember Allah’s Favour on you, for you were enemies one to another but He joined your hearts together, so that, by His Grace, you become brethren (in Islamic Faith), and you were on the brink of a pit of Fire, and He saves you from it. Thus Allah makes His Ayat clear to you, that you may be guided.(103)
Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good (Islam), enjoining Al-Ma’ruf and forbidding Al-Munkar. And it is they who are the successful. (104)
And be not as those who divided and differed among themselves after the clear proofs had come to them. It is they for whom there is an awful torment.(105)

In this verse, Allah tells us what we should do to maintain brotherhood. firstly, fear only to Allah and keep duty to Allah. secondly, and the most important key, safely hold on tightly to the ROPE OF ALLAH. what is the rope of Allah?? It means hold tight to AL-QURAN as our guidance. Last but not least, let us Amar Ma'ruf and Nahi Munkar.

Therefore, let us stop pointing fingers to others, but to ourselves. Look at the mirror, ask ourselves, "Am I the one doing this?" "Am I being jealous?" "Am I doing injustice?"

Al-Quran is the best resource of everything we need. this is just an example. how al-Quran describes about brotherhood.

Wake up brothers and sisters..let us spread the sweetness of brotherhood..why?? because we CARE..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Palestin...we are with U..

actually,smlm ade dgr talk ttg isu gaza ni..bru terpikir2 nk rumuskn mcmana, tup tup seorg sahabat dr mlysia da buat note ni..dan kbetulan sgt la sama ape yg dsampaikn di sini..

*lihatlah sahabat2..yg di Malaysia mahupun di Australia ini, kedua2nya mnyampaikn perkara yg sama..maka,perlu diragui lg kah?? mari kita sama2 doakn smoga urusan pnyampai2 dakwah ini dipermudahkn..dan tngungjwb kita??..smpai2kn lg kbenaran ini yg slama ini disembunyikn oleh sesetengah pihak..

so,jmputla baca yer..

taken from:

Mengapa isu Palestin dekat di hati kita?

1. Al-Aqsa merupakan kiblat pertama ummat Islam. Tempat isra’ dan mikraj Rasulullah SAW. Masjidil Aqsa merupakan tempat di mana Rasulullah SAW mendirikan solat menjadi imam bermakmumkan seluruh Rasul-Rasul sebelum baginda SAW. Al-Aqsa juga disebut dalam Al-Quran menunjukkan pentingnya kiblat pertama ummat Islam itu dipertahankan. ”Al-Aqsa adalah sebahagian dari kita, dan kita adalah sebahagian daripada Al-Aqsa.”

2. Menurut penganalisis politik, Isu Palestin merupakan ’Mothers of Conflict’ dalam dunia ketika ini. Lihatlah apa yang berlaku di dunia ketika ini. Dunia dilanda ketakutan dan kebencian yang teramat sangat kepada Israel dan Amerika sehingga ada yang meletupkan diri di mana sahaja, di New York, di Bali dan di pelbagai tempat selain Palestin, Iraq dan Afghanistan. Kita sebenarnya tidak bersetuju dengan tindakan mereka yang meletupkan diri dan menyerang mereka yang tidak bersalah, rakyat biasa di negara tersebut kerana ada dari mereka juga tidak setuju dengan tindakan kejam Zionis Israel di Palestin, Iraq dan Afghanistan. Namun, ini menunjukkan bahawa dunia sekarang tidak akan aman selagi Israel dan Amerika tidak menghentikan kekejaman dan kebongkakakan mereka terhadap dunia Islam khususnya Palestin. Meletupkan diri di zon perang adalah dianggap syahid oleh ulama’, iaitu di Palestin, Iraq dan Afghanistan, namun tidak dibenarkan menyerang di tempat lain selain itu.

Sejarah Penubuhan Negara Haram Israel

Saya bukanlah orang yang ‘terer’ menghuraikan perihal sejarah, namun, kita boleh melihatnya secara ringkas bagaimana boleh wujudnya negara haram Israel ini. Pada tahun 1917, dalam Balfour Declaration, mengatakan bahawa Palestin merupakan negara rasmi bangsa Yahudi. Mengapa mereka mengisytiharkan perkara tersebut? Menurut sejarah, dapat dilihat bahawa masyarakat dan kerajaan Eropah tidak senang dengan keberadaan Yahudi yang berada di negara mereka. Mereka telah memikirkan tempat yang sesuai untuk diletakkan Yahudi laknatullah ini dan tempat yang paling sesuai adalah di negara Palestin lantaran mereka mahukan negara bagi memecahbelahkan ummat Islam dan mengambil kesempatan terhadap kelemahan kerajaan Islam yang ketika itu dijajah oleh kuasa besar British. Selepas kejatuhan Khilafah Islamiyyah, negera-negara Arab dan negara ummat Islam telah dibahagi-bahagikan kepada negara-negara penjajah seperti kek yang dimakan rakus oleh kuasa penjajah. Palestin telah dijajah oleh British sepertimana Malaya ketika itu. Yahudi telah banyak menimbulkan masalah kepada negara Eropah dan mereka akhirnya secara rasmi, mengiktiraf Israel sebagai kerajaan dalam PBB dan itu berlaku pada 14 Mei 1948, setelah Israel melobi di PBB dan hari itu disebut sebagai Yaumun Nuqbah, hari malapetaka ummat Islam dan ia disambut setiap tahun oleh mereka yang mengetahui dan merasai.

Sebelum peristiwa Mei 1948, hanya 20% tanah yang diduduki oleh Yahudi, namun setelah persitiwa tersebut, sebanyak 78% tanah Palestin telah diduduki oleh Yahudi. Pada tahun 1936-1939, Syeikh Izzuddin Al-Qassam dan pencinta syahid telah melaksanakan penentangan nyata walaupun negara-negara Arab sekitarnya telah lumpuh. Penentangan mereka telah menyebabkan Israel hampir mengisytiharkan dharurat. Pada 1948, Hassan Al-Banna, pengasas Ikhwanul Muslimin telah membina seramai 12,000 orang ikhwanul muslimin dan membantu tentera dan rakyat Palestin di sana. Walaupun Masyarakat Israel menafikan mereka terkesan dengan intifadah yang dilakukan oleh Hamas dan masyarakat Palestin, namun hakikatnya, jutaan ringgit mereka kerugian lantaran intifadah yang dilancarkan. Setiap kali roket Hamas yang ’kurang canggih’ dilancarkan, setiap kali itu mereka berada dalam ketakutan dan bersembunyi di bawah tanah dan takut ke tempat kerja. Penganalisis sejarah mengatakan, sekiranya para ulama’ seperti Dr yusuf Al-qardhawi mengatakan dan melancarkan intifadah yang ketiga, bukan sahaja rakyat Palestin bangkit, namun rakyat di negara-negara Arab seperti Mesir dan Jordan juga akan bangkit menentang Israel dan kerajaan mereka yang penakut dan tali barut Israel!

Pengajaran ’Aamun Nuqbah

1. Kepimpinan dunia Islam, khususnya dunia Arab telah dikuasai oleh zionis. Di Mesir, jelas menunjukkan Hosni Mubarak menghalang bantuan yang ingin disalurkan kepada rakyat Ghaza, malah membunuh mereka yang ingin mendapatkan bantuan dari dalam terowong. Ia bukan hanya menutup terowong yang disalurkan makanan di dalamnya menerusi terowong ke Ghaza, malah melepaskan gas asid yang membunuh pejuang-pejuang yang berada dalam terowong. Rakyat Mesir bukan sahaja marah kepada Israel, namun sangat marah kepada pemimpin mereka. Sudahlah demokrasi dicabuli, setiap kali pilihanraya di Mesir bakal dilaksanakan, mereka memenjara dan menangkap bakal calon pembangkang yang terdiri dari Ikhwanu Muslimin. Hanya 17% masyarakat Mesir yang turun mengundi. Demokrasi apakah itu? Begitu juga Raja Jordan, pemerintahan monarki mereka. Sekiranya di Myanmar, Amerika beriya-iya menunjukkan bahawa merekalah jaguh dalam mempertahankan demokrasi dan melawan junta Myanmar, namun, di Jordan, mereka membiarkan Raja Jordan memerintah secara monarki kerana mereka tahu, dengan berkuasanya Raja Jordan, ia adalah boneka Yahudi dan mengikut kata Israel. Begitu juga dengan PM Palestin, Mahmoud Abbas, pimpinan Fatah, mereka dengan senang memperkotak- katikkan rakyat Palestin khususnya di Ghaza. Semasa Pilihanraya terbersih 2006 menurut ketua pengawas pilihanraya ketika itu, Jimmy Carter, Hamas terus dinafikan hak memerintah Palestin walaupun menang lebih 2/3 kerusi. Rakyat Palestin tahu siapa yang bersama-sama mereka berlapar dan terbunuh kerana mempertahankan negara mereka, iaitulah pemimpin-pemimpin HAMAS. Mereka tahu, pemimpin Fatah yang apabila diberikan kepada mereka 10ringgit, mereka mengambil 9 tetapi hanya 1ringgit yang diberikan kepada rakyat Paelstin. Rakyat Palestin tahu pemimpin Fatah mempunyai rumah mewah di Jordan, setelah habis waktu pejabat, menaiki helikopter pulang ke rumah mewah mereka. Mana mereka tidak marah dengan pemimpin seperti itu?

2. Pengajaran kedua menunjukkan bahawa hanya Islam yang memberi kekuatan kepada umat Islam. Pada 1967, Perang Ramadhan ketika itu telah berjaya mengalahkan Israel ketika itu dan Intifadah kedua telah berjaya menyebabkan kerugian berjuta-juta USD Israel setiap hari! Lihat sahajalah mereka yang syahid mempertahankan maruah Islam dengan mengorbankan diri mereka untuk Islam. Jika kita di Malaysia, hari ini makan ayam, esok makan daging, lusa makan kambing, tetapi di Ghaza dan Palestin, mereka bukan sahaja tidak cukup makan, malah mereka yang sakit pun hanya menahan sakit kerana tiada ubat yang dapat diberikan. Wanita yang bersalin, kematian bayi-bayi mereka lantaran komplikasi dan ketiadaan ubat. Namun, mereka tidak pernah mahu lari dari negara tanah tumpah mereka. Mengapa? Kerana setiap hari mereka mengangkat tubuh sahabat mereka yang syahid, mereka terbau harumnya syurga, setiap kali mereka mengangkat tubuh sahabat mereka, mereka melihat syurga! Mana muingkin mereka tidak mahu berjuang mempertahankan tanah tumpah darah mereka dan maruah Islam!

Tanggungjawab kita terhadap Palestin

1. Doa dalam munajat-munajat kita. Pernah kita mendengar kata-kata Mahmud Siyam, Imam Masjidil Aqsa semasa datang ke Malaysia dahulu mengatakan dalam maksud begini : ”Kami di sana mempertahankan Al-Aqsa dengan jiwa-jiwa kami, kami harapkan doa kalian. Kalaulah kalian tidak mengingati kami dalam doa-doa kalian, kami akan serahkan kalian kepada Allah!” Sungguh, kita merasa sangat pedih di sini, sahabat-sahabat kita bertarung nyawa di sana. Setiap waktu solat, angkatlah tangan berqunut nazilah, dan bermunajatlah memohon doa. Sekiranya kita tidak dapat bersama-sama mereka di sana, harapannya, dapat bersama mereka di Jannah Firdausi, sekiranya kita tidak dapat bersama mereka, harapnya, anak zuriat kita dapat bersama-sama membantu agama Allah di sana.

2. Sumbangan kita kepada rakyat Palestin. Bagi yang bergaji tetap, peruntukkanlah sebanyak 2% darinya setiap bulan bagi memberi sumbangan kepada mereka. Boleh membuat potongan terus ke bank-bank yang menyalurkan terus ke tabung Ghaza dan Palestin seperti Yayasan Amal, Muslim Care dan Aman Palestin walaupun hanya RM10 sebulan. Lebih efektif berbuat potongan begitu lantaran keterlupaan kita.

3. Sebarkanlah maklumat dan pelbagaikan vehicle kita untuk menyebarkan maklumat. Maklumat ini bagaikan pedang. Seperti di UK, mereka telah mendapat berita terus dari dalam Ghaza sehingga mereka berdemonstrasi di hadapan BBC dan CNN kerana menyiarkan berita palsu dan propaganda jahat. Mereka telah mewujudkan siaran mereka sendiri. Mereka begitu cepat mendapat maklumat, sehingga kita lihat, mereka yang berwajah putih, berambut perang dan bermata biru inilah yang menyuarakan bantahan secara terang dan sanggup menaja misi-misi kemanusiaan malah mereka ramai yang menyertainya hatta dari ahli parlimen mereka sendiri. Sebarkanlah maklumat melalui blog, facebook, twitter dan lain-lain wasilah bagi menyebarkan tentang isu Palestin ini. Janganlah, sehingga terkena sekarang, baru kita tahu bahawa ada misi Lifeline 4 Ghaza untuk menghantar bekalan makanan. Ingin mengharapkan TV dan radio menyiarkan sepenuhnya dan membangkitkan isu ini? Tentunya kita lebih banyak melihat tayangan hiburan melebihi segalanya.

Sebarang kesilapan dalam tulisan mohon dimaafi dan diharap dapat disebarkan buat pengetahuan semua. Moga Allah menerima amal kita yang sedikit supaya dapat bersama mereka yang syahid di medan di Jannah kelak.... Amiin....
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