Monday, June 7, 2010


Yeay, officially, my holiday started last Friday after handed in my last assignment~ hooray..hihi.. so, what's my plan??

hmmmm,my housemate suggested us to work as fruit pickers..sounds interesting, but then,after giving it a 2nd thought, it's not really worth it..about $100 per day, but then, have to minus some for accommodation,transportation add on, i'm gonna travel to sydney and melbourne in few weeks time, so let us give to those who really need it for now.indeed, there are many other programmes lining up for me..

so, not working..what am I gonna do this whole holiday?? from 28/5 till 18/'s a long holiday i guess

Last Saturday, my housemates and I had planned to go to Movie World, Gold Coast. but then, it happened that I was not feeling, they went without's ok, indeed i've been there with my sister last autumn holiday..most important thing is to make myself better first..

then,last Sunday, as usual, KAFA class.. but this time, things were getting easier..i'm not sure why..everything seemed to be well-organized and the children were well-behaved most of the time..may be because quite a number of students were absent, so, easier to handle, or maybe because it's winter and it's cold, means no mood to be naughty..haha..or may be, we, the teachers were already 'imuned' to their mischievous,so there's nothing surprising..haha..i have no idea..but whatever it is, thanks to Allah for everything..

And here come Monday...having fun hanging out with my housemates at the city..went to Satay Club to eat Malaysian Food..what a blast..I ate Nasi Ramen~ coconut rice with beef rendang and sambal friends ate laksa itik, char kuew tiaw, chicken soup...hoho..marvellous..i've actually planned to snap a few photos of the dishes, but sorry guys, once the meal arrived, nothing else could bother us, it's like they were yelling at us, to put them right into our stomach...alhamdulillah..

then, on the way back, we dropped by at the,i'm lost in it..every book were calling at me..hoho..but then, it's getting dark, and we definitely didn't want to miss our Maghrib prayer because of books..therefore, we just made a quick survey, marked several interesting books and listed them down in our mind...why??..we need a plenty of leisure time to be able to choose which book to buy ok..and guess what?? we planned to come again to this 'wonderland' tomorrow...

so,that's what i'm gonna do today..'revisit' the wonderland..and to make it a leisure, without having to worry about our prayer time, we gonna go at the earliest time a shop would open..hehe...

then, after Asar, my 'usrah'mates and I will go to our naqibah's house to accompany she's alone without her housemates.. hihi..we'll sleep there about 2 nights..must be wonderful, she has a 'present' for us..guess what?? there's no more valuable present one could give other than knowledge..hihi..she said something about 'sirah'..all the Islam wars.. badar, uhud etc. she said she'll tell us how we can remember all these stories us see then...we also gonna start planning our trip to sydney and Melbourne there..of course,it's a trip and we wanna have fun there..but, it would be more meaningful if we could plan activities that differentiates usual trip with meaningful Islamic trips..what's the differences?? we'll find out later on from our discussion then..hihi..and the most interesting part would be, this visit will definitely strengthen our sisterhood..we gonna cook together..sleep together..and insyaallah, qiam and conduct usrah together..from the feedback of conducting previous usrah after qiam and subuh prayer, it's,why don't we do it again right??

then, on 12/6, my ustazahs (mama rafeah,ustzh faezah and pn. marina) will be coming here..hehe..i've given mama rafaeh my contact number if there's anything I can help..and she said she'll call me once they arrive..they wanna visit us..and what are we gonna do?? friends suggest a BBQ..hmmmmm,interesting..but then, i'm gonna have to ask them when they will be free as they'll be under travel agency and we know how pack their schedule would be..but then, whatever it is, we'll try to figure it out then..

and alhamdulillah, on 21/6, another ustaz from Malaysia, ustaz Halim will be coming,what a waste if we do not take the advantages right?? therefore, we gonna plan a kuliyyah for all of us here..insyaallah..

ok, before i stop writing on this post, i wanna share few tips when planning our holiday..

1) first and foremost, make sure that we have the right intention (niat).. it can differentiate either an action is an 'ibadah' or just a usual activity based on niat

2) whatever, whenever, wherever it is,make sure u never leave your solat

3) as possible as u can, try to do something that is meaningful, means that it benefits u, or even better, it benefits others..

ok, i think that's all for now..have something else to,to those who have 'activated' the holiday mode, happy holiday..and use your time wisely (^__^)


FauziaH said...

muvi world kite da pegi! yey! buy for me ole2 dari sydney n melbourne.. wink2 ^_^.. happy holiday sis! jage diri di tempat org! keep in touch..

Nurulhusna said...

cuti2 jalan je keje die ea..awak suka nyah pun suka tau..awww!..hehe..miss ya! <3

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