Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm new

This is my first time involving in this blogging field. I do not know much about blogging but I believe it is a new challenge for me. Basically, this blog was created just for my personal use. It would be my platform in recording anything significant in my life. It could also be merely about my feelings about anything or even more educationally, reflective writing about something happens around me. I have many ideas in my mind but the thing is I do not know how to express them all. Writing might be the medium I'm looking for all this while. It is also hoped that I can improve my writing skills both in Malay and English via blogging. It would also be nice if someone else reads my blog and gains benefits from it. I love to share and one way of sharing is by spreading any knowledge I have. It does not necessarily be formal knowledge but I believe the best learning resource is experience. We can learn from own experience or from others' experience. Therefore, let us share whatever we have and spread the knowledge with others. 'Sharing is caring'.


aSNi FaRisyA said...

wah2 dh ber'blog jugak die~yeayy welcome to blogging world! =D

nur farah said...

hahaha..suke2 je pn ni asni..sya budk baru blajar..nk kena bguru dgn tok guru nie..hihi..tnjuk ajarku sifu..

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