Thursday, April 29, 2010

Autumn In My HEART

Time passes fast without we realizing it. and now, it's weekend again..welcome weekand!!! not knowing what to do right now, it makes my mind flies to Malaysia, to my i miss them so much. it reminds me of our precious autumn break together(it would be more precious if papa,along and sue were also here)..they spent about 9days here and here's are some activities that we did much fun and unforgettable memories..

1st day (Friday,2April)- they arrived early in the morning. we then went to the city (king george square) and UQ (University of Queensland). this is where mak su studied 20years ago. such a nostalgic moment.

2nd day (Saturday,3April)- we went to Woolies, wet market and Ismail shop (halal meat shop). mama wants to know how my day life looks like. buying chicken, meat, fresh veges.-'mom's cook'..ya, the best chef the evening, we went to South Bank.. we then enjoyed the night scenery on the 'city cat' (ferry).

3rd day (Sunday,4April)-we went to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. the most excited person was my sis(1st time meeting Mr.Kangaroo and Miss Koala).

4th day (Monday,5April)-We went to Harbour Town. shopping!!!!!

5th day (Tuesday,6April)-We went to DFO. too excited... we were there before the shops opened. It's ok. at least it gave us time to survey what's in there.then,shopping!!!! again..

6th day (Wednesday,7April)-My day off for trips. I had an appointment with Emma, my academic supporter. also need some time to work on my assignment. But, not for my family. They went to Chermside to buy lots and lots of chocolate(it's Easter and they sell various cheap chocolates). just searched for them which bus to take, then there they were..(^^)

7th day (Thursday,8April)-We went to Bribbie Island, Sunshine beach, Noosa Head and Mt. Cootha. Subhanallah..what a wonderful and beautiful creations of Allah...

8th day (Friday,9April)-We went to Gold Coast- my sister and I spent almost the entire day at the Movie World.(luckily there's a prayer room inside it) mum and maksu had a 2nd trip shopping at Harbour Town.

9th day (Saturday,10April)- they went back to was the hardest moment for me and my mum.but not for my sis, I think.she had such a wonderful trip with lots and lots and lots of photos (^___^)

overall,we had wonderful time together.but that did not concern my mum much..The main purpose of her visited me was to make sure that I'm fine and everything goes well. and that's what I tried to show her since the very 1st day. "Lega hati mama tgk awak ok dkt sini. x de la mama risau sgt". Huhu..I felt like crying at that moment and yes, I did. I admit, I'm her little baby. but don't worry mama, I'm learning right now to be more independent but still, no matter how independent I am, 1 thing for sure, I will always be your little baby...ALWAYS..
Miss all of U (mama,papa,along,angah,suraya)..

*for those whose family are planning to come and visit plan your journey to the fullest. make use of all the time. spend your time preciously with your family..


fauziah said...

wahhh rase cam tersedak2!! "my sis.. angah.. " agak byk laaa.....good job dear!! update salu tau!!

nur farah said...

haha..bangga la tu..hihi..insyaallah,klau rjin2 i update slalu yer..len kali nk kena citer psl along n sue plak..baru equal n fair..hihi..

NunsNajib said...

ehem ehem tak fair and square kalau tak cite pasal NURIN NAJIB !ahahahah :P:P

~ReeN~ said...

Nurin najib x penting...shafferina dayana lagi penting..=p

Badriah said...

sedey xpe dear..akak pcye.. u be fine there..take care ye...update la slalu..akak akn bace...gud ksmptan akak g sna...=D

nur farah said...

nurin n reen : ok2..nnti aku citer psl korg plak..hahaha..

kak bad: thanx kak bad..i'll wait 4 u here (^__^)

Badriah said...

ok dear..=D

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