Thursday, May 6, 2010


alhamdullillah..i've finished my another assignment..the presentation...and now having to write a reflection on that..but then, 1 assignment goes, many assignments c0me..4 assignments lining up..and 1 exam coming on..waiting to be treated by me..all in less than 5 weeks..huarghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

and in the middle of head feels like bursting..serious headache..thinking about the assignments??..i don't think so..hihi..planning on pampering myself on this comfortable bed..covered myself with this newly-bought quilt..and heating up the room with another newly-bought item~the heater..hmmmmmmm...i think there's nothing wrong to treat myself after pushing it too much for the assignment..and the cool air here seems to agree with me..yeay~

but then, who's gonna cook tonight?? seems like the another chef is also not feeling i wish mama's here right now..miss her cook..huhu..yup, i think my housemates gonna have to fast tonight as i'm seriously not in the mood of cooking..assignment and cooking mode deactivated 'for a while'..sorry u guyz..

life is not easy especially when we're far from those we love (my family of course)..full of tests that we sometime feel like incapable of facing it..but then, just remember Allah's promise.. "Allah tidak akan membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dgn kesanggupannya (kemampuannya)" (al-Baqarah:286)..assignments and headache are nothing compared to all the hardworks faced by our prophet, no matter in hardship..say alhamdulillah....

*i'm thinking of buying tafsir Quran in English.. must be nice (^____^)


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