Sunday, May 16, 2010

ROALD DAHL.................

Have u ever heard about Roald Dahl?? nope?

what about 'the way up to heaven'?? 'the sound machine'?? or may be 'charlie and the chocolate factory'?? yeay..these are all Roald Dahl's stories..

Roald Dahl - World's No. 1 Storyteller.. especially children's stories..

even though my schedule is pack with never ending assignments, it doesn't mean i'm gonna stop reading..(not sure whether it's good or bad)..and the latest one, i managed to read 1 of Roald Dahl's book "MATILDA"..seriously, i love this took me less than a day to finish reading wonder it managed to win the children's book award..

i'm not good in writing book review..but what i can say,this 'light' story is really cute and's about a girl named Matilda..she is an exceptional girl..she's a genius..however, her parents think that she's just a trouble maker..she's the black sheep of the is until she is attacked by her headmistress that she realizes that she has power..

even though there are several unrealistic scenes in this story, it's still acceptable..overall, it's for children and children love imaginative stories..we can also learn several things from this actually demonstrates real life situation.. 'adults vs children'.. adults tend to underestimate children.."the elder you are,the wiser u would be"..children's voices and statements that challenge adults are not to be heard..

as a future teacher, i also learn something from this is my responsibility to be aware of my students' abilities..advanced students are to be noted and necessary actions are to be taken to further develop their abilities...i love Miss Honey's character in this novel..she's a good teacher..yeay..

and here's another thing...

i went to K-Mart Toowong just now to buy winter clothes..indeed, i spent my money at 1 of the bookstores there to buy a Roald Dahl's story collection..without buying any winter clothes...luckily it didn't cost me much..still have money to buy the winter clothes..huhu..i should try to avoid coming near any bookstores after this..but still, NO regret..indeed,i'm gonna collect more books here..hihihi...

*to be a primary school teacher, i have to be and think like the children..reading their books, helps me to understand them better..1 of them..children love imagination..(^______^)

p/s- buat kakak2 ksayanganku haslinda or fauziah, ape kate akak2ku skalian tlg carikn and belikan dulu novel 'cinta sufi' by Ramlee awang Murshid??..nnti I byr blik..huhu..boleh la ekk..luv u (^__^)


En iLham said...

wah.abang igt fara beli buku yang separuh kana-kanak.tapi memang buku kanak-kanak ni.sesuai dijadikan bedtime story.hehe.good for you lah.cikgu2 mesti pandai memahami perasaan anak didik mereka kan??hehe

nur farah said... org da bgtau seriously,best la..hehe

FauziaH said...

lekkk.. siap ade pesanan untuk kakak2..=p nnt aku carik.

nur farah said...

hehe..memahami la kakak ku sorg nie..hihi..i like..mekacih2..

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