Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Assignments mode motivated ~

Tomorrow gonna be one of my "BIG" days..yeay..assignment for EDB350.. presentation on the topic IRF as effective communication practices in the classroom.. not really sure why, I don't think that I'm nervous as usual..maybe the 'nervousness' will come tomorrow..but I prefer it to be like this.. we had practiced several times, concerning about the time management..overall, everything is under control..however, we plan..Allah also plans..but Allah is the best planner ever.. when everything has been prepared, just leave it to Allah..He will always be with us..tomorrow I will also collect the result for my first CLB452 assignment..not prepared to know the result today..i'm afraid that it would effect my presentation preparation for, will then take it tomorrow after my presentation..huaaaaaaaaaaa..

*pray for me..for the presentation and also for the assignment result (^___^)


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